My name is Daniel Golliher, and I’m the man behind the curtain.

I’m picking classics that I like and rendering them in my own fashion. In the words of Twitter: “Dunno, might fuck around and start a publishing house.”

Did you know you can just start a publishing company if you want to? They seem like such monoliths that spring into the world, fully formed, already at least 100 years old. Well, Jack & Percy Publishing is about today years old. It began in November 2020 in my New York City apartment, and I welcome you to come along for the ride. Pick up some books and merch while you’re here.

I have a special affinity for science fiction, so I selected Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus to launch this whole thing. The artwork on the cover is an original (by the artist here), and I will work with artists to make sure that each book I produce is similarly unique.

By the end of 2021, my goal is to have published at least 10 classics–but of course there’s no telling what kind of delightful publishing mischief one could get into along the way.

I do the website, marketing (such as it is), book layout, editing, art sourcing, and anything else that’s necessary for this bird to fly. If you are a professional publisher type and see something that’s egregiously terrible, I would appreciate a note. If you are a reader and see something that would be a big improvement to your experience, also let me know. If you’re anyone and you have a nitpick, do not let me know. (If you wonder whether your thing is a nitpick, totally still contact me. I’ll be happy to hear from you, but I might not follow up other than hearting the DM.)

You can send me a message on the Contact page, or find me on Twitter.

Here is my personal website.

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